5th of January 2023: VZOID releases new seven track E.P."Trauma"

Yes, its out on bandcamp and many other major streaming platforms as AppleMusic, Spotify, Deezer, Youtube etc. In the progress-section of this site is a little gem hidden. Look for freezing times... :-)
I am very proud of this E.P. which was made between October 2022 and until yesterday. Yes, guitars put down yesterday and mastering done. In this short time I made no compromise in quality. This is the best work I've ever done. But it's not the last thing I do. I started today with the creation of my next album. Busy, busy! And all promotional work is done these days. There will be an article and maybe an interview on Brutal Resonance, an american industrial magazine.

I have to apologize to you because my Facebook page was put down. I was a bit nasty in argumenting with conspiracy theorists and religious extremists. So facebook decided to put down my page. Hence, I have no access to my followers as well as to my VZOID page. But - I created a new account, also called "Edward Puccini" and a new VZOID page. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. But please reach out to me, so I can build a fan base and you get all the news. If you don't then I always try to put all information here as well. I really hope you dig the "Trauma" E.P.

Regards Edward

Lucid, Violent Dreams!

23th of October 2022: No fake news?

New Album is progessing
Four songs of the new album "Trauma" (working title) are already done. There also will be a surprise on one of the usual platforms. I will post it here, there and anywhere. I also made a new photo session. The result was interesting and it seems that many people like it. Here are some outtakes:

Stay tuned!

11th of April 2021: Studio dreams?

To create atmosphere
I'm sorry for the long pause. But I had health issues. I got my gall removed. And I was totally into my new job, which dont let much time for everything else. I modified my studio atmosphere. It didnt have something like that - it was just functional and that's it. So I bought some lights and I will buy some more.

Here you can see the result:

I did a nice fotosession for my other project "Subform". If you may like Industrial-Death-Metal, then visit: Subform by Edward Plague. Please feel free to send me a mail.
Lucid, Violent Dreams!

22nd of August 2020: What inspires me?

Logan's Run
This awesome movie was made in 1976. In germany it was called "Flucht ins 23. Jahrhundert" (Escape into 23rd century). Directed by Michael Andersen. I saw it around Orwells year 1984, just 10 years old. It influenced in a way unimaginable. There are not many movies today which can do this to you and your mind. Or am I nostalgic? Aside from music, books and movies are great media to inspire you.

What movies or books have inspired you to a great degree? Write to my facebook page or write me a mail.
Lucid, Violent Dreams!

13h of August 2020: Hi my lovely fans and freaks!

Some of our lovely fans and freaks want to see how I work and live. Well I live in a f*cking 1 room appartment, which is more studio than living space. But that's a conscious decision. Whats more appealing to a musician than to live in his own studio?

F*ck Apple...do you know what this is?

My magic place.

DAW (anyone which does the job), some nice middle-class preamps a nice large condenser mic and a modular synth and sampler. I don't need expensive updates, I don't need every newest thing thats advertised. I will keep this system like it is for the years to come - maybe until I get sick of it - in the end its just a tool. I can do the f*ck I want.

Modular synth magic. It needed some years to collect these modules...

...I love to touch real instruments. I use software plugins...of couse.
But hardware has its magic, software not so.

Lucid, Violent Dreams!

13th of August 2020: Once upon a time

In 2012 the desicion was made to create an electronic/industrial/ebm project to satisfy the need to make extreme, atmospheric music. Over the years one E.P. and one album was released, as well as appearence on several label compilations "Nowhere Now Volume 1-3"...

Click here for Immersion on Bandcamp or click on image

The first full length album "Immersion"

Click here for Perceptron on Bandcamp or click on image

The first E.P. "Perceptron"

Lucid, Violent Dreams!